Bluechip Betting company in Bangladesh

Get a generous 6 000 BDT sign-up bonus on Blue Chip bookmaker

Blue Chip casino boasts 4,000+ vetted slots spanning various themes, while the Blue Chip betting section entertains wagers on 40+ sports disciplines, including cricket, tennis, football, and more niche sports.

The Bluechip platform offers two sections for betting enthusiasts in Bangladesh - pre-match betting and live betting. Each section features a wide range of sports disciplines. Bet on local Bangladesht championships or international tournaments, with multiple betting options available for each event.

Every outcome is assigned a coefficient indicating the likelihood of that outcome. Bluechip's odds are competitive, offering bettors the chance to maximize their potential returns.


Sport Welcome Bonus

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Embark on a 4-step Deposit Journey:

  • On your maiden voyage, deposit 400 BDT to 2,000 BDT and secure a 400 BDT Starter FreeBet.
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Freebets for the first deposit in BlueChip Sportsbook

For the first time registered Bangladeshi bettors receive two free bets from Bluechip. You can use freebets in betting on any sports. After receiving, the only requirement of the bookmaker is to bet the entire amount of the free bet within 2 days on the outcome with a coefficient of 2.0, which is played during these 2 days.

Otherwise, freebets will simply burn out.

To receive money as a gift, you must make a deposit:

First deposit amount Free bet amount Second deposit amount Free bet amount
400 BDT+ 500 BDT 400 BDT+ 500 BDT
2,000 BDT+ 1,000 BDT 2,000 BDT+ 1,000 BDT
6,000 BDT+ 3,000 BDT 6,000 BDT+ 2,000 BDT

Blue Chip Sportbook Interface in Bangladesh

The Bluechip betting interface is designed for user-friendliness. Even if you've never placed an online bet in Bangladesh before, navigating through it will be intuitive.

In the expansive menu on the left, you'll find a list of all sports available for betting. Beside each sport is a numerical value representing the number of available markets within that sport.

You can filter these disciplines based on date, bet format (pre-match/live), alphabetical order, or user popularity.

Clicking on a specific sport will show you a list of championships available for betting on that day. Choosing a tournament will provide a betting line detailing basic game information, results, and odds.

The system will then log your bet, and it cannot be reversed. After the game concludes, Bluechip will compute any winnings within 24 hours and credit it to your account balance.

Before placing a bet on any sporting event, it's always wise to review team statistics and expert predictions. Remember, provided odds don't guarantee an outcome. Bluechip's wide range of betting markets and straightforward process will undoubtedly enhance your betting experience in Bangladesh, while the multiple bet formats can enhance profitability.


Betting Formats on Bluechip Bangladesh

Bluechip bet types allow the player to alternate different strategies and win more. You yourself choose what type of bet is optimal for selected events and what bet size to set.

Preliminary single - a single bet, which is placed before the start of the event. You can make a deal as soon as the game appears in the event selection menu (for example, a month before the match) or wait for some time and see if the odds change. Changing the odds is possible as the team statistics change and the interest of other bettors in the event.

You can make one bet, wait for the outcome of the game, get a win and make a second bet. You can also conclude several single bets on different sports or championships at once.

Combined bet - you can combine several singles into one bet if the events in the coupon are not interconnected in any way and the results of one match cannot affect the results of the second (you can not do this if you want to keep each bet separately).

Combined single bets are most commonly referred to as accumulator bets. Its feature is that during the calculation of the winnings, the coefficients of each bet are multiplied and their product is eventually multiplied by the bet amount. Thus, the winnings can become more significant than with several single bets.

The disadvantage of this format is that if at least one bet loses, all bets in the multiple bet are considered losers.

You also have the right to make several parlays and combine them into a system bet. When all accumulator bets are won, the amount of winnings increases significantly.

Live bet - a deal with bookmakers is made during the match. This is a risky method, but at the same time, it can minimize the risks. Live is not suitable for those bettors who prefer slow calculation. Events in the game are changing rapidly, and if you do not have time to react and make a deal at the most favorable odds, your winnings will be lower. At the same time, during the game, you can make a more accurate forecast yourself, you can see how the situation on the field is developing and you can correct the predicted outcome for the most probable one right now.

Whichever betting format you choose, it will be profitable if you follow the strategy exactly, control your account balance, know how to make accurate forecasts and are willing to risk less for more.


Bluechip's virtual sports section to diversify entertainment for bettors. Virtual sports perfectly replace real matches in the off-season, when offline sports activity subsides. Virtual simulation matches are available at any time of the year around the clock. Bettors can bet and get results in just a few minutes.

In Bluechip, you can bet on such draws in simulations of football, basketball, cricket matches. The presented game is based on the basic rules of the presented sport, but the results are set by a random number generator. Thus, the results of each match are unpredictable and develop right before the eyes of the bettor, which makes them very exciting and attractive.

Remember, esports is not the same as esports. In esports, you bet on the team that is in charge of the game. In virtual sports, you bet on results that are randomly generated by a random number generator.

You can try to beat the RNG by noticing certain patterns in the results, but this will not give a 100% guarantee of a successful bet.