Lucky Coin lottery in BlueChip casino

Play Blue Chip Casino's Lucky Coin event for a chance to win an iPhone 15 and Tesla Model X. Sign up, play, and win big! πŸŽ°πŸš—πŸ’°

Blue Chip casino has prepared a unique promotion for the most active gamblers! Every registered customer playing with real money can participate in the Lucky Coin event. The event will take place from November 2, 2023, 07:00 UTC, to November 30, 2023, 23:59 UTC. Among the coolest prizes are the iPhone 15 and the new Tesla Model X.

Lucky Coin Prizes

What is the Pick-a-Card game

To have a chance to win real prizes Lucky Coin in a casino, you need to try your luck in a special game called Pick-a-Card, available after filling the activity scale. Play with real money and earn Picks, which will increase the scale. Once the scale is filled, you'll have the opportunity to draw a card once in the lottery Lucky Coin in app.

How to buy Lucky Coins? Among the cards, you may find the following prizes:

  • Chips that can be exchanged for real prizes.
  • Spins that can be exchanged for online slots free spins.
  • Oops card, which grants a risk-free round.

You can monitor your prizes immediately on the online casino website. Additional information will be available in the right and left panels.

How to play Lucky Coin game in Bangladesh

Playing is easy, and we've taken care of a simple process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Register on our website casino in Bangladesh.
  2. Make the first deposit to your balance.
  3. Play with real Lucky money Coins and collect Picks for activity.
  4. Fill the activity scale.
  5. After filling the activity scale, play Pick-a-Card Lucky Coin game.
  6. Receive 1 of 3 possible gifts.

Note that participation in the Lucky Coin BlueChip lottery is available only after registration, and 1 filled scale is equivalent to β‚Ή500 in currency.

How to get free spins

To get free spins on Lucky Coin slot machines, you'll need to acquire them in the Pick-a-Card game. One of the 3 cards represents this prize. When such a card is drawn, spins are credited to the balance in the Coin Lucky lottery tab. To exchange them for playable spins, click "Buy" next to the symbol indicating the number of spins available for exchange.

How to win real prizes

To obtain chips, you also need to participate in the Pick-a-Card game. There is one card that allows you to get a chip. Collect them because the more you get, the more valuable the prizes. In the Lucky Coin in crypto casino lottery information tab, you'll find control panel information about the number of won chips. Before the end of the promotion, you can exchange them for real prizes from the list.


What are Lucky Coin Prize Tokens?

These are special tokens in BlueChip casino that need to be collected. A certain amount of them can be exchanged for real prizes, which may include money, gadgets, and even a new car.